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  • Orthopedic Beds - Normally designed to provide maximum comfort. Although the word Orthopedic on mattress has no endorsement by doctors/ physios. We do try and stress to customers who coming looking for a “orthopaedic” bed rather than looking purely for the “orthopaedic” wording on the mattress to try the beds and see what bed suits them the best. Below is a rough guide on how a firmness rating works in the springs and which may suit you best.

  • Firm - Designed to offer great support and perfect if you are above average build, or if you tend to sleep flat on your back. Firmer mattress can cause pressure points especially with the elderly.

  • Medium - Designed with a balance of comfort and support in mind a medium mattress will conform to the shape of your body and is a perfect choice for people who enjoy sleeping on their side.

  • Soft - Designed with plenty of give, therefore the mattress will comfort your contour easily and go to the shape of your body, great for people who enjoy sleeping on your side. And who are slight in build or for children.


open coil spring mattress

One of the oldest styles of mattress and still a very popular choice as they offer fantastic value for money. Available in a range of firmness, all the springs are connected to the outer perimeter. These are best for bed frames which don’t offer the support which some pocket springs mattress’s need. Open coil springs are ideal for those on budget.

pocket sprung mattress

The springs are contained in individual cushioned pockets that are vertically positioned to prevent you from rolling into your partner, whilst distributing weight up through the mattress, pushing against the sleeper’s body weight. Each spring will support your body on its own and won’t transfer it to another part of the bed. These are the best springs in the bed industry, and spring counts range from 800 to 14000 in store. This type of spring can offer support with comfort and take away some of those pressure points.

block foam mattress's

This type of mattress can vary so much from basic reflex foam mattress which are good for young child which proved them with comfort and support. To reflex and memory which we tend to sell more for teenagers but for adults there can be mobility problems with this type.
With the best type of block mattress being latex offer maximum pressure relief and support, by far one of the best mattress’s for a lot of people.



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