You might expect shire to begin by telling you how important a good night sleep is, then go on to lull you with beautiful descriptions of our oh-so-exquisite beds. But you see, shire beds hale from Yorkshire and they, like there craftsmen’s, are straightforward and uncomplicated. So they won’t try soft words and eloquence. They’ll simply tell you how it is, quickly and concisely, and let their beds speak for themselves.

The family-run company is built on a good, solid and very British principle; if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well. they believe in family, in community, in having one foot in the past and one striding for the future, and in remembering what’s important in life. shire believe good design is a necessity, not a luxury, and quality needn’t be expensive (That’s there Yorkshire thriftiness coming through.) To you, that means a well-made, very comfortable, great value bed. A Shire bed. Enough said.

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Shire Models on display

Ravello 3000

damask 1000

Capri 1000

Zen 1000

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Always here to help.

It really is a mine field when it comes to buying a bed, Which is part of the reason we don’t retail online, we would rather everyone finds the perfect bed for them rather than search purely by look or price, the most expensive is rarely the best for the individual. If you have any questions regarding any bed please message or call us (01384 74166) where one of our expert advisors will be more than happy to help.