Storage Bed Frames.

Storage bedframes.

We have seen fastest Growth with this type of bedding, not only do you get the centre piece to your bed room but you also maximise your storage that a normal static bed really utilises. Ottoman fames come in both a vast array of styles – fabric or wood and everything from tradition to modern, but opening mechanisms as well with side lift or end lift and in some cases even electric opening.

We do ottomans to not only suit every room but we also have options to suit every budget bed. Along with the huge choice of designs we have them in every size too (some models have restrictedsizing).

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Ottoman Storage beds can offer upto 2.4 times the amount of storage compared to a standard drawer divan

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It really is a mine field when it comes to buying a bed, Which is part of the reason we don’t retail online, we would rather everyone finds the perfect bed for them rather than search purely by look or price, the most expensive is rarely the best for the individual. If you have any questions regarding any bed please message or call us (01384 74166) where one of our expert advisors will be more than happy to help.